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Take A Tour

Take a look at All Creatures Veterinary Care!

Check out our practice to see where we treat your pet!  We are proud of our new facility (completed in October, 2014), and invite you to take a tour and then contact us with your questions or schedule an appointment.

Waiting Room and Reception Area:


Waiting Area

Our clean and modern waiting area provided adequate room for all of our clients and patients, with direct access to our three exam rooms and reception area, as well as our client restroom.



Reception Area



Exam Rooms:


Exam Room

Our simple and functional exam rooms allow privacy and a quiet, comfortable setting for patient evaluation.  Two of our exam rooms include folding wall tables, and one includes a scale/lift table for use with our larger patients.

Treatment Room:


Treatment Room

Our organized Treatment Room is the “heart” of our practice.  Located in the center of the facility, it includes our in-house Laboratory, cages for hospitalized patients, a wet table for miscellaneous minor procedures, dental procedures, and surgical prep, and direct access to our Surgical Suite and Radiology Suite.

In-House Laboratory:


In-House Laboratory/Equipment

Our in-house Laboratory allows us to perform a wide variety of laboratory tests, including testing for parasites, blood tests, urinalysis testing, and cytology.

Surgical Suite:


Surgical Suite

Our hospital includes a modern surgery suite, complete with a full anesthetic gas delivery and exhaust system, appropriate surgical supplies and monitoring equipment, and modern LED surgical lighting.  Our surgical facilities and equipment allow us to provide a wide range of both soft tissue and orthopedic procedures.

Radiology Suite:


Radiology Suite

The Radiology Suite at All Creatures Veterinary Care is immediately adjacent to our Treatment Room and Surgical Suite, and houses our digital X-Ray and Ultrasound systems.