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Jun 01 2015


A couple of years ago, All Creatures Veterinary Care increased our scheduled office visits from 15-minute appointments to 20-minute appointments. Our goal was to have a little additional time to provide the most thorough and complete evaluation of each patient, combined with time to discuss and review our findings with the client. We believe that change was successful and it has served us well! However, as we continue to expand the range of expertise and services that we provide (both in the variety of species of pets we see and treat, as well as the services, diagnostics, and treatment available in our hospital), we are finding that the “one-size fits all” approach to scheduling just isn’t working as well as we’d like.

With this in mind, we have instituted “Flex-Scheduling” in the practice, where our patients can now be assigned appointment times anywhere from 10 minutes to 40 minutes, in 10-minute increments or “blocks”. This will allow us to schedule simple visits and recheck/progress exams in shorter appointments (10 or 20 minutes), and more involved cases in longer appointments (20, 30, and 40 minutes), based on the patient’s presenting problem.

We hope our new “Flex-Scheduling” system helps us to continue to improve the quality of the care and services we provide, allowing us to work more efficiently, and by making sure we have the time necessary to spend with each of our patients every day!

Bob Cohen, DVM | Medical/Surgical

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